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ATM for Mobile Networks

Zastosowanie ATM Asynchronous Transfer Mode w sieci mobilnej

This course covers specific aspects of ATM when it is used in mobile networks. It includes review of the key ATM concepts, as well as QoS and traffic management in relation to mobile traffic. The course then investigates into the mechanism of speech transmission using AMR encoding and AAL2 transportation, as well as associated signalling (Q.2630). Consecutively, data transmission with AAL 5 is presented and followed by introduction to the mechanism for transporting signalling traffic over ATM. The final part of this course presents issues related to the use of ATM in RAN and Core Network.

Target Audience

Anyone requiring better understanding of ATM used as transmission solution used in RAN and Core Network. They could hold positions of Transmission Engineers, Transmission Specialists, System and Network Engineers. However, Sales Engineers and Consultants would also benefit from this course.


Prior to attending this course, participants should have basic knowledge of ATM and generic understanding of 3G mobile network architecture.

Course content

1. Review of ATM Principles
• Physical Layer
• ATM Layer
• ATM Adaptation Layer
2. QoS in ATM – Mobile Aspects
• QoS Categories and Parameters
• Services and Bearers in Mobile Networks
3. ATM Traffic Management
• Traffic Descriptors
• Mechanisms
4. Voice over ATM in Mobile Networks
• AMR speech encoding
• AAL 2 Review
• AAL 2 Signalling (Q.2630)
5. Data over ATM in Mobile Networks
• AAL5 Review
• LLC/SNAP Encapsulation
• Classical IP over ATM
6. Signalling over ATM
• MTP-3b
7. ATM Implemented in Mobile Networks
• Core Network