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ATM Introduction

Wprowadzenie do Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM)

This one-day course is a comprehensive introduction to Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM), one of the most popular segments in the telecommunication industry. It provides knowledge necessary to understand ATM and its role in the modern telecommunication network. It is a good starting point before attending variety of other datacom related courses.

Target Audience

Those requiring a technical understanding of ATM, its principles and applications. The course is addressed to a technical staff as well as to Customer Support Representatives, Sales Engineers and Consultants.


Ability to understand technical subjects. Technical background in telecommunications would be an advantage when attending the course.

Course content

1. Introduction to ATM Concept
2. Standardization
• Standard Bodies
• Documents and Recommendations
3. Basic ATM Principles
• Cells
• Virtual Paths and Virtual Channels
• Quality of Service
4. Virtual Connections
• Permanent
• Semi-permanent
• Switched
5. ATM in Layered Model
• Physical Layer
• ATM Layer
• Adaptation Layer
6. ATM in Practice
• Equipment
• Networks – Examples
• Applications – Examples