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GSM, GPRS and EDGE Radio Access Network (GERAN)

Sieć GERAN – GSM, GPRS i EGDE połączenia radiowe

This one-day course is a comprehensive presentation of GERAN network. It includes description of nodes and their functions, and signalling between them. Radio access is described in details of channel modulations and coding, signalling and traffic channels. The behaviour of terminal and related signalling is also described.

Target Audience

Technical staff and Consultants, who will be involved in maintenance or planning of radio access network, especially with GSM and GPRS networks coexisting together.


Introductory knowledge do GSM, GPRS and EDGE networks, including functions of nodes and interfaces between them. Telecommunication background will be an advantage.

Course content

1. GERAN Architecture
• BTS and BSC Functions
2. Network Areas and Their Identification
• CI, RAC and RAI, LAC and RAI
3. Physical Link and Channels
• Frequencies
• GSM and EDGE Modulations
• Uplink and Downlink Transmission
• Frequency Hopping
4. GSM Logical channels
• Signalling
• Traffic (HR, FR, EFR)
5. GSM and GPRS Channel Co-existence
6. Signalling Between BTS and BSC
7. Terminal Roaming
• In Inactive State
• During a Call (Handover)
• During Packet Transmission
8. Terminal to Network Signaling
• Channel Assignment for a Call
• Paging
• Channel Reassignment During call
• Channel Assignment for Packet Transfer