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GSM/GPRS/EDGE Introduction

Technologie GSM, GPRS i EDGE – wprowadzenie

This one-day course is an introduction to GSM (Global System for Mobile communication) networks, technology that revolutionised communication in modern world. The event provides knowledge necessary to understand terms related to GSM, GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) and EDGE (Enhanced Data Rates for Global Evolution). It discusses architecture and main procedures, providing knowledge needed in more advanced courses.

Target Audience

People requiring basic knowledge of how the GSM network is built, and how it works. The course is addressed to a technical staff, who will continue with more advanced courses, as well as to Customer Support Representatives, Sales Engineers and Consultants.


Ability to understand technical subjects. Technical background in telecommunications and IP would be an advantage when attending the course.

Course content

1. GSM Standardization
• Standard Bodies
• Documents and Recommendations
2. Network Geographical Hierarchy
• Cells
• Routing Area and Location Area
• Service Area
3. GSM and GPRS Architecture
• Radio Access – Functions of GERAN (BTS and BSC Nodes)
• Voice Handling – MSC and GMSC Node Functions
• Packet Switching – SGSN and GGSN Node Functions
• Databases – HLR, AUC, VLR, EIR
• Interfaces
4. Radio Access
• Physical and Logical Channels
• Traffic and Signalling Channels
• GSM and GPRS Channels
5. User Access
• User Authentication
• Service Verification
• Terminal Verification
6. Call Handling
• Call Setup
• Handover
7. PDP Context Activation
8. SMS Transmission
9. Roaming
10. Mobile Terminals
11. Transmission Quality
• Problems and solutions
• Throughput: GSM, GPRS and EDGE
• Security
12. Charging
• Charging Data Records
• Pre-Paid Solutions
13. Evolution – 3G and Mobile IP