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IMS Technology

Technologia IMS – architektura i procedury

This training provides a comprehensive survey of IMS with the focus on its architecture and key procedures. The presentation of signaling issues is complemented with description of major protocols including SIP, H.323/MEGACO, and DIAMETER. Finally, this course also introduces the concept of RCS and explains its relation to IMS.

Target Audience

Those who seek for a more in -depth understanding of IMS concept and the way it provides advanced IP based services.


Prior knowledge of IP based signaling protocols wil l be advantageous when attending this training.

Course content

1. Introduction
• What this is all about?
• 3GPP R5: Network Architecture
2. IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS)
3. IMS Nodes and Functionality
• Call Session Control Function (CSCF)
– SLF & HSS Message Flow
• Media Resource Function (MRF)
– MRF Message Flow
– IMS to GSTN Call Setup
• Breakout Gateway Control Function (BGCF)
– BGCF Message Flow
• Application Servers (ASs
– Subscription to Event in AS
• Policy and Charging Control (R6), (R7), (R8)
– PCC Message Flow
4. Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and Session Description Protocol (SDP)
• SIP – Multimedia Session Set-up
• P-CSCF Discovery
• IMS Registration
• IMS Session Set-up (MO)
• Authorization of QoS Resources
• IP Multimedia Flows’ IDs
• SIP Forking
5. H.248/MEGACO
• H.248 Message
• Media Gateway (MGW)
• H.248 Message Flow
6. DIAMETER Base Protocol
• DIAMETER Client/Server
7. IMS Services
• Rich Communications Suite (RCS)