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› Training SP x EN SharePoint  End User is dedicated to new and existing SharePoint users.
› Training is dedicated for users working in SharePoint 

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After training,SP EN participants will be able to move freely in SharePoint , and create lists, libraries, sites and sub-edit them, moreover, create InfoPath forms and form library, gain knowledge about the integration of Microsoft Office  with SharePoint.


Prior to training SP  EN participants should have basic knowledge of computer.



1. Introduction SharePoint 
• What is SharePoint
• SharePoint  core solutions.
• It’s all in the cloud: SharePoint Online
• Office integration with SharePoint .
• Versions of SharePoint
• Course methodology

2. Navigating in SharePoint
• Navigating the home page and the SharePoint site
• Understanding the site structure. and menu components
• Customizingthe site navigation
• Navigating the ribbon
• Understanding app parts and Web Parts

3. Working with documents libraries and information list
• What is document libraries and list?
• Discovering a default document libraries
• Creating a new document libraries and uploading files
• Creating new list and adding new item
• What is check in/out mechnism
• Sorting and filtering list and document library
• Setting up alerts and following documents

4. Working with webpages and sites collection
• How to edit page layout
• Creating a new page navigation links
• Adding / removing app parts and web parts
• Customizing app parts and web partds
• Editing WebPart page
• Creating site collection / sites or personal sites
• Site themes and layouts
• Managing user and groups permission
• Managing site features and advanced settings
• Deleting a site

5. Efficient work with list and libraries
• What is column and how to add a new column?
• Creating a new list and document library view
• Sorting / filtering and grouping data
• Configuring versioning and rquired check out in library
• Using validation settings
• Setting up ratings
• Working with content types
• Advanced users and groups permission

6. Getting social and efficient team work or project managment
• What is user profile and how to use it?
• Using newsfeed hub and Yammer
• Working with tags and notes
• Creating and managing community site
• Using blogs and wiki’s sites
• Creating Enterprise Wiki and team blog
• Creating articles and blog posts
• Manage task list and alerts
• Create and configure project stie
• Working with timeline and project summary web part
• Synchronizing data with MS Project or other application
• Create group and private calendar and contact list
• Synchronizing data with Outlook

7. Searching information and people
• How to use basic and advanced search engine in SharePoint?
• Using search queries
• Configuring search behabior
• Customizing search results page
• Search for people
• Configure your page visibility

8. Working with Workflows
• What is workflow?
• Configure em using built-in worklows
• My own workflow – key information about SharePoint Designer

9. SharePoint and Excel
• What is Excel Services solution?
• Exporting data to or from Excel
• Excel Services WebPar – how to use it?
• Create simple managment dashboard
• Publishing Excel chart in SharePoint
• Working with parameters and object name
• What is PoverPivot? – key informations
• Fnatastic chart with PowerView in SharePoint

10. Bussiness Intelligence features
• What is BI and why it’s easy?
• Connecting SQL or other data sources to SharePoint
• Using BI template
• Creat dashboard based on Excel PoverPivot
• How to create KPI indicatior
• PerformancePoint Application – key information