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MPLS Introduction

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Wprowadzenie do Multi-Protocol Label Switching MPLS

This course is focused on Multi-Protocol Label Switching, a hot interworking technology that has been successfully introduced to the world market in recent several months. The major principle of this course is to deliver the generic and comprehensive overview of MPLS, suitable for anyone dealing with datacom and interworking issues. A really thorough insight on MPLS based on standards approach.

Target Audience

Those requiring knowledge of the principles of MPLS, its flexibility and its function within a modern network. Specifically, Project Managers, System Engineers, Customer Care Representatives, Sales Engineers, Consultants and anyone interested in MPLS concept and principles.


Participants are expected to have basic understanding of different technologies used in WANs and LANs (ATM, Ethernet). Additionally, it would seem essential for them to be familiar with routing, internetworking and communication protocols (preferably IP).

Course content

1. Introduction to MPLS
• Label Switching Concept
• Proprietary Solutions
• Standardisation Bodies and Documents

2. MPLS Concepts and Terminology
• Labels
• Headers
• Forwarding Equivalence Class
• Label Switched Path

3. Architecture
• Label Switched Router
• Label Edge Router
• Ordered vs. Independent Control

4. Signalling Protocols
• Label Distribution Protocol
• Resource Reservation Protocol – TE

5. MPLS Protection Mechanisms
• End to end protection
• Fast ReRoute

6. QoS in MPLS
• Definitions
• Integrated Services (IntServ) and MPLS
• Differentiated Services (DiffServ) and MPLS

7. Applications
• MPLS Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
• Pseudowire Emulation (PWE3)
• Virtual Private LAN Services (VPLS)

8. MPLS in Mobile Core Networks