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UMTS Core Network Signalling

Podstawy transmisji w sieci UMTS

This extensive four-day training provides a unique overview of signaling protocols that dominate in the architecture of UMTS Core Network. Presented in a easy to follow and logical order this course discusses concepts ranging from basic Signalling System No 7 protocols with the focus on specific user parts through signalling transport in ATM and IP infrastructure, including SIGTRAN, to specialised protocols used in setting up bearers for mutirate applications. Supplemented with a series of challenging exercises based on real network scenarios this training offers a great occasion to obtain a in-depth understanding of signalling concepts.

Target Audience

The course is designed for employees of mobile network operators, who need to understand the principles of signalling in UMTS Core Network. In-depth view of selected topics is also covered.


The participants are required to be familiar with overview of mobile networks and their services. Any knowledge of transfer technlogies such as TDM, ATM and IP will be very beneficial.

Course content

1. Introduction to Signalling
• GSM and 3G architecture overview
• Node functions
• Protocols and their roles
• Interfaces in GSM/UMTS and protocols used
2. „Classical” signalling transport
• MTPL1 – L3
• SCCP (addressing, routing)
3. Call control protocols
• H.248 (MeGaCo)
4. ATM bearer control
• ATM/AAL2/AAL5 overview
• Q.2630.x (for ALCAP)
5. SIGTRAN signalling transport
• TCP/IP shortest-possible summary
• SCTP protocol – features and procedures
• Architecture and application of M2UA, M2PA, M3UA, SUA
• M2UA, M2PA, SUA/ISUA overview
• M3UA in details
6. IP bearer control
7. Mobile services
• TCAP summary
• MAP protocol: interfaces and messages
8. Traffic cases from MAP perpective
• Attach/authentication
• Call setup,
• Inter-MSC handover
• Intra-MSC HO
• Handover between 2G<->3G
9. Intelligent Network architecture and INAP summary
• CAMEL standardisation and call models
10. UMTS services (selection)
• IMS system
• SIP protocol overview