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UMTS Radio Protocols: RRC, RLC, MAC

UMTS protokoły interfejsu radiowego RRC, RLC i MAC

This two-day course is a comprehensive survey of three radio interface protocols: RRC, RLC and MAC. The course introduces radio protocols’ structure, their beahaviour, states. Most of the training covers the Radio Resource Control protocol (RRC) with its procedures both in Idle and Connected mode. The way the information is transmited (signalling, traffic) within Protocol Data Unit (PDU) on RLC and MAC layers is also explained.

Target Audience

This course is addressed to all radio network designers who need to know the radio signalling behaviour, to all who need to tune and optimize the UMTS radio network.


Prior to attending this event, the participants should already have an understanding of the UMTS’s WCDMA radio interface principles, its functionality with basic radio procedures.

Course content

1. UMTS Network Architecture
2. Radio Interface Protocol Structure
3. Radio Resource Control (RRC)
• Interactions between protocols
• Protocol termination
• Model of RRC
• RRC States
4. RRC Procedures
• RRC Connection Management
• Radio Bearer Control
• Measurement
• RRC Connection Mobility
5. Radio Link Control (RLC)
• Services
• Functions
• Transparent Mode
• Unacknowledged Mode
• Ackowledged Mode
• PDUs Formats
6. Medium Access Control (MAC)
• Functions
• Transport Format
• MAC Architecture
• PDU Format