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UMTS System Survey

Pomiary systemu UMTS

Participants attending this course will be given a survey of the 3rd generation Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS). The course begins with the standardisation process, and an overview of the GSM & GPRS systems and their evolution towards UMTS. Next the course investigates more specific and technical aspects of the UMTS system such as WCDMA, the network architecture, interfaces, IP-Multimedia Core Network Subsystem (IMS), services with examples of traffic cases. It provides core knowledge necessary to understand UMTS system.

Target Audience

Those requiring an appreciation of the UMTS system, its principles and applications with examples of traffic cases. The course is addressed to a technical staff as well as to Customer Support Representatives and Consultants.


Ability to understand technical subjects. Technical background in telecommunication and basic understanding of mobile telephony principles would be an advantage.

Course content

1. Introduction to UMTS
• Why UMTS?
• Standardisation Process in UMTS
• Radio Access Evolution
• Evolution of GSM Core Network
• UMTS Architecture
2. UMTS Radio Interface (WCDMA)
• Spreading Spectrum
• Channelization
• Scrambling
• Power Control
• Handover
3. UMTS Radio Access Network(UTRAN)
• UTRAN Architecture
• Access Network Interface Protocol Layers
• Radio Network Signalling
• Traffic Cases: Bearer Set-up and Soft Handover
4. UMTS Core Network
• Network Nodes
• Network Interfaces
• GPRS Tunelling Protocol
• Traffic Case: PDP Context Activation
• R4: MSC Server and Media Gateway
• Traffic Case: Call Set-up
5. Release 5
• R5: Network Architecture
• IP-Multimedia CN Subsystem (IMS)
• Traffic Case: IMS Registration
6. Services in UMTS
• Basic Services
• Classification fo Services
• Virtual Home Environment (VHE)
• Service Capabilities
7. Security Architecture
8. Charging and Billing
9. Release 6 and beyond
10. Radio Protocols