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Essentials of Rational Test Workbench Web UI Tester 9.0 – vw900gwpl

Course #:

Duration: 1 Days

This course teaches software testers how to test the user interface of web applications from a desktop browser by using Rational Test Workbench (RTW) Web UI Tester 9.0.

With the RTW Web UI Tester, software testers can create, modify, and run highly scalable tests and organize test assets for web applications.

In this course, you learn how to record automated test scripts, modify test scripts, play back tests, view results, extend test scripts, and create data driven tests.

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After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Describe the RTW Web UI Tester workbench project area
  • Set up the client application for testing
  • Record an automated test script
  • Insert verification points in a test script
  • Split test actions
  • Run common editing tasks in a test script
  • Create datapools in a test script
  • Use data correlation in a test script
  • Create compound tests
  • Play a test script
  • Evaluate playback results
  • Use custom code in a test script


This course is designed for software testers.


  • Good understanding of the concepts of software testing
  • Understanding of web application architectures


  • Course introduction
  • Getting started with IBM Rational Web UI Tester
  • Recording automated test scripts
  • Editing test scripts
  • Running automated test scripts and evaluating results
  • Adding a custom script to the test
  • Course summary

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