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Getting Started with IBM Maximo Visual Inspection v2 – max4313gwpl

Course #: max4313gwpl

Duration: 2.4 Hours

IBM Maximo Visual Inspection platform, built on cognitive infrastructure, is a new generation of video and image analysis platforms. The platform offers built-in deep learning models that learn to analyze images and video streams for classification and object detection. IBM Maximo Visual Inspection includes tools and interfaces for anyone who has limited skills in deep learning technologies. You can use IBM Maximo Visual Inspection to label images and videos that can be used to train and validate a model. The model can then be validated and deployed in customized solutions that demand image classification and object detection.


After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Explain the Maximo Visual Inspection solution
  • Articulate the capabilities and benefits of using the Maximo Visual Inspection solution
  • Describe the components that make up the Maximo Visual Inspection solution
  • Compare the deployment models
  • Create data sets
  • Train and deploy models
  • Maximo Visual Inspection Mobile integration
  • Configure projects
  • Run inspections
  • Evaluate use cases


Administrators, Consultants, System Users


This course is divided into several topic areas:

  • Start here: Great place to start if you are unfamiliar with the IBM Training platform and want to get an overview of the course. It includes a course overview (this document), course instructions, and how to navigate this course.
  • Getting started with Maximo Visual Inspection: This is the required portion of this course. It includes an interactive video that guides you through the benefits, capabilities, deployment options, and architecture of the Maximo Visual Inspection, or MVI for short, solution. This section also includes a virtual lab designed to give you an opportunity to discover the ease of use of Maximo Visual Inspection and Maximo Visual Inspection Mobile solutions. If you complete this section, you can obtain a certificate of completion in the Finish here section.
  • Use case demonstration series: This section includes a series of optional demo videos which cover these use cases:
    • Train AI models to detect good and bad stud welds
    • Train deep learning models for components on Transmission towers
    • Apply AI to analyze footage from drones and assess health of assets
    • Classify assets on transmission towers
    • Surveillance of drone footage of Transmission Towers
  • Additional resources: This section includes supplemental materials that relate to Maximo Visual Inspection.
  • Quick references: This section includes a collection of useful links that relate to Maximo Visual Inspection.
  • Meet the authors: Get to know the experts that developed this course.
  • Finish here: After completing the required activities, get your certificate of completion and complete the course survey.

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