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IBM BigFix Content Development – is731gpl

Course #: IS731GPL

Duration: 3 Days

In this three-day course on IBM BigFix Content Development (formerly IBM Endpoint Manager), you learn the basic Relevance constructs used to create Relevance expressions. You learn how to manipulate various Relevance objects and properties, debugging methods, and how to create Relevance for custom fixlets, tasks, automatic computer groups, retrieved properties, and analyses. You also learn how to create and test action scripts that are included in the custom fixlets and tasks that you develop. This course is an update to the IS730G class.


  • Discuss how to use the Relevnace language, Fixlet Debugger, and online documentation to develop BigFix custom content
  • Describe basic Relevance objects, assoicated properties, and how to use the fundamental Relevance constructs
  • Use common Relevance objects to develop Relevance statements
  • Leverage action script specific documents, tools, and commands to create actions usable in custom content


This course is oriented towards IBM BigFix users and administrators who are in the role of Fixlet® developer or advanced master operator. This course does not cover Session Relevance.


Before taking this course, make sure that you are proficient in the use of the IBM BigFix console, including taking actions, creating retrieved properties and analyses, and other general tasks or that you have taken IS720G IBM BigFix Platform Fundamentals course.

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