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IBM Cloud Object Storage System Fundamentals – ssc20dgwpl

Course #: ssc20dgwpl

Duration: 1 Days

You will learn the fundamentals of IBM Cloud Object Storage (COS) in on-premises environments. You will gain a deep understanding of installing IBM Cloud Object Storage, performing configurations, navigating its user interface, performing capacity changes, using self-healing features, and examining logs for troubleshooting. This course has recorded lectures, lab demos and associated quiz exercises. You will also recognize where to find documentation and get help.


  • Identify the key features of IBM Cloud Object Storage
  • Summarize the architecture of IBM Cloud Object Storage
  • Perform the installation of IBM Cloud Object Storage
  • Navigate the Manager user interface of IBM Cloud Object Storage
  • Perform administrative and configuration tasks on IBM Cloud Object Storage
  • Perform basic troubleshooting tasks on IBM Cloud Object Storage


Not restricted.


  • Unit 1: IBM Cloud Object Storage Introduction
  • Unit 2: Installation, Configuration, User Interface and APIs
  • Unit 3: Input, Output and Capacity Changes
  • Unit 4: Self-Healing, Reporting and Sandbox Overview
  • Unit 5: Logs and Troubleshooting
  • Unit 6: Additional Items and Support
  • Unit 7: Lab demos
    • - Deploy Images, Configure EFI RAM, Networking
    • - Slicestor Configuration, Add Drives, Clone VMs
    • - Manager, Accesser Configs
    • - Add Slicestor and Manager Configurations
    • - Create Storagepool, Access pool, Users, Vaults, Buckets, Cyberduck
  • Badge Quiz

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