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IBM Cognos Integration Server Extract Data From Oracle Essbase (V10.2) – p8218pl

Course #:

Duration: 1.6 Hours

IBM Cognos Integration Server: Extract Data From Oracle Essbase teaches consumers how to extract data, metadata and security profiles from Oracle Essbase, and make it available for use in standard relational and text format targets, including IBM Cognos TM1. The course is not intended to describe the detailed architecture, configuration, or administration of IBM Cognos Integration Server. The vignette is taught in a web-based, eLearning format.

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Please refer to Course Overview for description information.


This intermediate course is for:

  • Business Intelligence users of Oracle Essbase data
  • Administrators needing to understand the basic features of IBM Cognos Integration Server


You should have:

  • Basic knowledge of Oracle Essbase©
  • Basic knowledge of Microsoft SQL Server©
  • Experience using basic Windows functionality



  • Course overview
  • Intended audience
  • Course objectives
  • Prerequisites

What is Cognos Integration Server?

  • Key features
  • Key benefits
  • How does Integration Server work?
  • Cognos Integration Server provides a single window into:
    • Financial data
    • Metadata
    • User information
    • Supporting information

Basic Topics

  • What Is a Star Schema?
  • Creating Star Schema tables from a Cube
  • Common Hyperion Cube terminology
  • Parent/Child vs. Balanced Hierarchy layouts
  • Oracle Essbase terminology
  • Overview of steps required to use Cognos Integration Server

The Connection Manager

  • Sources and targets
  • Create a connection
  • Connection operations
  • Demo: Create and test source and target connections

The Selection Manager

  • Selection Information
  • Star Schema options
  • Metadata options
  • Data extraction options
  • Run a selection
  • Selection Manager toolbar
  • Search for Outline Members
  • Demo: Create and run a Saved Selection

The Log Viewer

  • Control bar
  • Filtering
  • Sample run detail

Integration Server Options

  • Selection Manager options
  • Table and column name mapping

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