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IBM Cúram Child Welfare 6.0.5 Solution Functional Primer – 9d58gwpl

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Duration: 4 Hours

This web-based course provides a high-level overview of the IBM Cúram Child Welfare Solution. IBM Cúram works with child welfare domain experts and thought leaders worldwide to improve efforts to protect children and support best practice models. The result of these collaborative efforts is the IBM Cúram Child Welfare Solution, the main component of which is Cúram Child Services (CCS). The latter supports family-centric, outcome-focused business processes that facilitate improved child welfare agency effectiveness. CCS incorporates an innovative, multidisciplinary approach. CCS enables child welfare agencies to combine diverse problem-solving skills and perspectives to achieve positive results for children and families.

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  • Describe the purpose of the IBM Cúram Child Welfare Solution and recognize the important features of its main component, Cúram Child Services (CCS).
  • Explain the functional interoperations between CCS and other components of IBM Cúram Social Program Management.
  • Recognize the important features of CCS.
  • List and describe the child welfare caseworker-support features that CCS provides.
  • Describe the intake and investigation processes in CCS.


This basic self-paced course provides learners with a high-level overview of the IBM Cúram Child Welfare Solution.


There are no prerequisites for this course.


  • How IBM Cúram Child Welfare enables SPM agencies to investigate allegations of child abuse or neglect and implement solutions that protect vulnerable children.
  • The main caseworker-centric features of Cúram Child Services (CCS).
  • The steps that are involved in the Intake and Investigation processes that CCS supports.

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