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IBM Digital Learning Subscription – IBM Data/AI Enterprise Subscription – subr004g-pl

Course #: subr004g-pl

Duration: 15 Days

This Digital Learning Subscription provides the customer access to the Data and AI Library, giving the customer flexibility to tailor the education to their needs. Access to IBM digital learning content includes: ’ 30 access codes available ’ 100+ Analytics courses ’ Training available 24/7 The IBM Digital Learning Subscription is personalized, flexible and cost-efficient. Personalized: Build your expertise. Choose the digital courses that map to your learning journey, skills destination, and desired role. Flexible: Move at your pace. Choose digital courses with hands-on labs anytime during your subscription period. Cost-Efficient: Pay one price for 12 month subscription. Realize built-in savings as compared to individual course purchases.


To view eligible courses, please visit https://www.ibm.com/training/subscriptions/SUBR004G/

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