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IBM ICM: Introduction to Discovery (V1.0) – 1r099pl

Course #:

Duration: 4 Hours

IBM ICM: Introduction to Discovery (V8.0) is designed to introduce you to high-level concepts as a foundation for understanding and using IBM ICM. You will review basic incentive compensation management terms, such as credit, quota, and attainment. You will have an opportunity of understanding the basic concepts of database tables, the principles of good database and table design, the data sources imported into IBM ICM, and the components used to make up a calculation in IBM ICM. You will also explore IBM ICM Base Model, including the model components, the model report types, and the model calculation logic tabs.

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Please refer to the Course Overview for description information.


This basic course is intended for IBM ICM program stakeholders, compensation administrators, system administrators, and implementers.


You should have:

  • Experience using the Windows operating system
  • Experience using a Web browser
  • Knowledge of database tables
  • Knowledge of incentive compensation management



  • ICM solution
  • Benefits of ICM

Module 1: Incentive Compensation 101

  • Overview of the Base Model
  • Discovering the transactional data section
  • Discovering the sales data component
  • Discovering the credit and eligibility component
  • Discovering the quota component
  • Discovering the attainment component
  • Discovering the target incentive component
  • Discovering the commission and bonuses section
  • Discovering the rates and tier measure components
  • Discovering two types of rates
  • Discovering the rate multiplier component
  • Discovering the manual payment and MBO
  • Discovering the final payout section
  • Discovering the prior period adjustments component
  • Discovering the non-recoverable draws

Module 2: Reporting and Web Forms

  • Discovering base model reporting
  • Discovering the compensation summary report
  • Discovering the compensation details report
  • Discovering the manager summary report
  • Discovering reporting and security
  • Discovering web forms
  • Discovering configurable web forms
  • Configuring web forms
  • Discovering scheduler
  • Discovering scheduled processes

Module 3: Create and Populate Tables

  • Discovering tables in ICM 8
  • Discovering primary keys with one column
  • Discovering primary keys with multiple columns
  • Discovering the rules of primary keys
  • Discovering self-referencing database relationships
  • Discovering foreign keys
  • Discovering column arrangement
  • Discovering normalization
  • Discovering normalization tips
  • Discovering non-normalized data
  • Discovering normalized data
  • Discovering data imports
  • Discovering calculations
  • Discovering calculation concepts
  • Discovering calculation parts

Module 4: Business Requirement Document - Calculation Logic

  • Scenario
  • Title
  • General info and terms
  • Document flow
  • Component matrix
  • Payout logic
  • Post payout logic
  • Crediting logic
  • Support tables
  • Data tables
  • Parking lot
  • Process flow
  • Change management
  • Structural tables

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