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IBM ICM: System Administration (V8.0/8.1) – 1r097pl

Course #:

Duration: 5.6 Hours

IBM ICM: System Administration (V8.0/8.1) is designed to help system administrators develop the necessary skills for managing IBM ICM system. Through interactive demos and learning activities, this course provides the training in the topics related to the IBM ICM system administration, such as process lists, portal access, task manager, workflow manager, scheduler, audit, and admin client security.

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Please refer to Course Overview.


This intermediate course is intended for System Administrators.


You should have:

  • Experience using basic Windows and Web functionality



  • Describe the basics of IBM ICM
  • Explain the users of each IBM ICM client


  • Describe each module within ICM
  • Login to the Admin client
  • Navigate the Admin client

Process Lists

  • Explain Process Lists
  • Create Process Lists
  • Use Process Lists

Portal Access

  • Explain the purpose of Portal Access
  • Describe Portal Access Groups, Trees, Assignment, Web Tabs, Sign Off, and Inquiries
  • Create Portal Access Groups
  • Create Portal Access Trees
  • Assign Trees to Reports
  • Create Web Tabs
  • Create and Manage Sign Off and Inquiries

Workflow Manager

  • Describe the purpose of Workflow Manager
  • Determine how to build an effective Workflow solution
  • Create a Workflow with multiple Swim Lanes and Nodes
  • Manage Workflows

Task Manager

  • Describe the purpose of Task Manager groups and rules
  • Create a Task Manager group
  • Create a Task Manager rule
  • Describe a Task Manager alert
  • Act upon Generated tasks


  • Describe the purpose of the Scheduler module
  • Describe the tasks that can be scheduled
  • Demonstrate how to set up and manage Scheduler


  • Locate data in the Audit module
  • Describe the data captured by each of the log files in the Audit module
  • Manage log file contents

Admin Client Security

  • Create and manage Admin Users
  • Create and manage Admin Roles

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