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IBM InfoSphere DataStage v11.5 Data Masking – 1m424gwpl

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Duration: 2.4 Hours

Students will describe how the Data Masking Pack works; understand how to apply policies for different data types, understand how hash lookup policies work; create a data masking job.

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Please refer to course overview


Experienced DataStage developers


Those taking this course should have basic knowledge of the Windows operating system. Familiarity with Information Server products is desirable but not required


Introduction to Data Masking• What is Data Masking?• The DataStage Data Masking stage• Data masking techniquesMasking Policies• Overview• Credit card number• Email address• Hash lookup• Repeatable ReplacementCreating a Data Masking Job• Configuring stage properties• Configuring link properties• Configuring Data Masking policy• Setting up your own reference tableMasking Customer Data Lab• Create a job for masking customer data• Create a reject link in the Data Masking stageRepeatable Mask Lab• Creating a repeatable mask for customer dataReference Tables Lab• Use reference tables for masking data

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