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Developing Applications for IBM MQ V9.2 with JMS – wm514gpl

Course #: wm514gpl

Duration: 3 Days

This course is intended to teach the skills that are needed to create a JMS 2.0 application to interface with IBM MQ queue managers.

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  • Describe and identify IBM MQ features and components
  • Configure IBM MQ for a development environment
  • Test IBM MQ using sample programs
  • Understand development options in IBM MQ
  • Implement the JMS 2.0 API for IBM MQ
  • Use JMS to connect to a queue manager
  • Send and receive a message in JMS
  • Publish and subscribe to a topic
  • Understand all JMS message types
  • Explain the purpose of allowlisting
  • Increase security with allowlist in enforcement mode
  • Explore data in the message body
  • Use a transaction in JMS to IBM MQ
  • Send messages asynchronously
  • Describe Transport Layer Security in IBM MQ
  • Explore the IBM MQ development patterns
  • Understand REST API calls to IBM MQ


This course is intended for JMS 2.0 developers.


Experience with JMS


  • Course introduction
  • IBM MQ introduction
  • IBM MQ configuration
  • Developing in IBM MQ
  • Connecting to IBM MQ
  • Publish and subscribe in JMS
  • IBM MQ message types
  • Allowlisting in IBM MQ
  • Message data
  • Performing transactions
  • Asynchronous messaging using JMS
  • Transport Layer Security in JMS
  • Development patterns for IBM MQ
  • Course summary

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