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IBM Partner Engagement Manager Advanced for Sponsor Administrator – 6k04gspl

Course #:

Duration: 4.8 Hours

This course enables Sponsor Administrator to download predefined activities, to import the SFTP activity for partner onboarding, to configure activity’s context data, and to rollout activity to partners for execution.

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After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Import and edit predefined activities.
  • Explain the SFTP activity context variables.
  • Execute SFTP activity flow in different modes.
  • Solve problems of SFTP activity flow when putting wrong information.


This course is designed to train IBM Partner Engagement Manager Sponsor Administrator.


  • Before taking this course, students should have a working knowledge of Basic programming skills, and Business process modeling.
  • Students should have working knowledge of XML data, XPath, and Java Regular Expression.
  • Students should have working knowledge of IBM Sterling File Gateway.
  • Students should be able to execute shell and edit file using vi on Linux.
  • Students should have learned course 6K02 - IBM Partner Engagement Manager Fundamentals for Sponsor Administrator.


  • Course Overview
  • Exercise 1. Upgrade and start applications
  • Exercise 2. PEM Portal Configuration
  • Unit 2. SFTP activity flow introduction
  • Exercise 3. SFTP activity configuration in PEM Portal
  • Exercise 4. SFTP activities configuration in Partner Provisioner
  • Exercise 5. Rolling out SFTP activity
  • Exercise 6. SFTP activity flow in initiate-initiate mode
  • Exercise 7. SFTP activity flow in listen-listen mode
  • Exercise 8. SFTP activity flow with invalid user credential
  • Course summary

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