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IBM Partner Engagement Manager Fundamentals for Sponsor Administrator – 6k02gwpl

Course #:

Duration: 3.2 Hours

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This course shows how to configure Partner Engagement Manager, Partner Repository, and Partner Provisioner; how to load partner registration information using bulk data upload tool; how to create a basic activity with UI, dialog, and API; how to define time required for specific task, and how to build validation.


After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Configure Partner Engagement Manager, Partner Repository, and Partner Provisioner.
  • Create a basic activity with UI, dialog, and API.


This course is designed to train IBM Partner Engagement Manager Sponsor Administrator.


  • Before taking this course, students should have a working knowledge of Basic programming skills, and Business process modeling.
  • Students should have working knowledge of XML data, XPath, and Java Regular Expression.
  • Students should have working knowledge of IBM Sterling File Gateway.


The following topics will be covered during this course:

  • Course overview
  • Unit 1. Partner Engagement Manager configuration
  • Unit 2. Partner Repository configuration
  • Unit 3. Partner Provisioner configuration
  • Unit 4. Bulk Partner Registration Information Upload
  • Unit 5. Activity Definition
  • Unit 6. Administering activity definitions
  • Unit 7. Activity execution
  • Unit 8. Administering activity
  • Unit 9. Validation
  • Course summary

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