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Intelligent Extraction Using the Datacap Accelerator – zmb02gspl

Course #: zmb02gspl

Duration: 2 Days

Intelligent Extraction is a solution that brings automation, analytics and AI to the capture of business data from documents to feed processes and analytics. Built with IBM Datacap Insight Edition and augmented with the IBM Datacap Accelerator, the solution provides rapid implementation of Datacap projects. The solution is delivered by services and has demonstrated customer success.

The Intelligent Extraction solution is made up of several components:

  • Datacap Insight Edition provides an intelligent extraction foundation and document capture workflow
  • The Datacap Accelerator provides an extra set of libraries that that includes intelligent extensions and analytics
  • The solution easily extends to Content Analyzer, Watson, and service engines to provide a breadth of custom extraction capabilities
  • Implementation Services to configure and deploy into your environment
  • All together provides a solution to semi-structured, highly variant document processing

This course provides in-depth, hands-on training on how to install, configure and use the Datacap Accelerator to provide Intelligent Extraction capabilities in your Datacap projects.


Install the IBM Datacap Accelerator
Configure the IBM Datacap Accelerator to: ◦automatically configure documents
- Extract data from documents
- Use custom validators to perform special data extraction processing
- Extract line item data from tables within documents
- Perform 'ground truth' comparisons to speed iterative development

Use supervised machine learning to train the IBM Datacap Accelerator to find data that is difficult to extract
Use Kibana visualizations and dashboards to monitor your system
Build your own custom indexes to help the IBM Datacap Accelerator validate your data


This course is designed for anyone who will install, configure, and use the Datacap Accelerator to provide Intelligent Extraction capabilities in Datacap projects.




Installing the Accelerator



Analytics - Kibana

Ground Truth

Enabling Caching

IBM Datacap Accelerator Machine Learning - Supervised ML

IBM Datacap Accelerator Line Item Processing

Extending the Accelerator

Licensing, Offerings, Support

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