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Introduction to IBM Spectrum Accelerate – ssc30dgwpl

Course #:

Duration: 2 Days

This digital course will provide an understanding of IBM Spectrum Accelerate, an important, scale-out, software-defined storage product. It has been written to teach everything from the basics of installing IBM Spectrum Accelerate to performing advanced administrative tasks using it. The course will attempt to clarify the concepts involved in planning, deploying, and implementing IBM Spectrum Accelerate. It will cover the basics of software-defined storage from a technology standpoint as it is today, the product architecture of IBM Spectrum Accelerate, explain its major features and benefits while showing how to implement the solution. It will also cover configurations that an administrator must be aware of by showing multiple use cases.

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By the end of the course you should be able to:

• Demonstrate an understanding of software-defined storage from a technology standpoint
• Summarize IBM’s Spectrum range of products and their benefits
• Summarize the architecture of IBM Spectrum Accelerate
• Deploy IBM Spectrum Accelerate in an existing infrastructure
• Demonstrate an ability to access and interact with the graphical and command line interfaces of the product
• Summarize the various tasks that can be performed on block storage using IBM Spectrum Accelerate by understanding various use cases
• Summarize the procedure for troubleshooting issues related to IBM Spectrum Accelerate


Enrollment in this course is not restricted. Typical students may include:
• Customers
• Technical IBM personnel
• Business Partner technical personnel
• IT consultants, consultants and architects


The following courses are required prior to this course:




Day 1:
Course Administration and Introduction
Unit 1: Introduction to IBM Spectrum Accelerate
Unit 2: Planning for IBM Spectrum Accelerate
Unit 3: IBM Spectrum Accelerate Implementation

Exercise period 1:
Exercise 1. Installation of IBM Spectrum Accelerate
Exercise 2. Navigation and user management in IBM Spectrum Accelerate
Exercise 3. Managing capacity
Exercise 4. Managing Snapshots and Consistency Groups

Day 2:
Unit 4: IBM Spectrum Accelerate Administration
Unit 5: IBM Spectrum Accelerate Troubleshooting

Exercise period 2:
Exercise 5. Managing host attachments
Exercise 6. Backup and Restore Using Snapshots
Exercise 7. A Walk-through of Mirroring with IBM Spectrum Accelerate
Exercise 8. Multi-tenancy and Troubleshooting

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