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iOS App Store & In-App Purchases (e-Learning) – apl-swift-130-pl

Course #: apl-swift-130-pl

Price: 50 EUR

Duration: 1

In this iOS APP STORE & IN-APP PURCHASES course you will learn the basics of monetization on iOS, starting with in-app ads and then moving to in-app purchases. You will learn more advanced in-app purchase integrations, and you’ll make both consumable and non-consumable purchases while building a realistic iOS app. Finally, you will learn how to take your apps even better with in-app subscriptions, and how to start and cancel subscriptions and create a delightful user experience.


Upon completion of the iOS App Store & In-App Purchases course, students will be able to:
  • Create and monetize apps on the Apple App Store, including in-app advertisements and purchases
  • Create consumable and non-consumable in-app purchases
  • Create a user interface that respects purchases, and prepare to publish on iTunes Connect
  • Create and manage user subscriptions


  • Anyone who wants to expand their programming knowledge using Swift 5.


  • Some programming experience with Swift5


  • Simple In-App Purchases
    • Create apps on the Apple App Store
    • Create in-app advertisements
    • Create in-app purchase tiers
    • Restore in-app purchases
  • Consumables & Non-Consumables
    • Create consumable in-app purchases
    • Create non-consumable in-app purchases
    • Restore in-app purchases
    • Handle success and failures with in-app purchases
    • Create user-interface that respects purchases
    • Create an app on iTunes Connect and prepare to publish
  • In-App Purchase Subscriptions
    • Create subscription tiers
    • Check for failed or cancelled subscriptions
    • Subscribe a user in the app
    • Handle successes and failures
  • Contact us regarding the training