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iOS Application Development with Swift 5 (e-Learning) – apl-swift-110-pl

Course #: apl-swift-110-pl

Price: 40 EUR

Duration: 4 Hours

This iOS APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT WITH SWIFT 5 course is designed to provide students use their skills in Swift 5 to develop iOS applications Some of the things you will learn in this course are:

  • Write the code to build your very first iOS application
  • Manage screen display with multiple views
  • Use auto layout and the interface builder
  • Create applications with user interaction
  • Design a user interface allowing for multiple screen size and direction
  • Write and execute unit tests to keep your code error-free
  • Perform various calculations using Swift By the end of this course you will know how to build simple iOS applications and you’ll be ready to move on and learn about using tables and data in iOS.


Upon completion of the iOS APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT WITH SWIFT 5 course, students will be able to:
  • Create a new iOS project and build your first iOS app
  • Manage screen displays and group multiple views
  • Use programming commands to allow for user interaction
  • Write and execute unit tests to keep your code error free


  • Anyone with basic knowledge of Swift 5 who wants to build iOS apps


  • Basic understanding of Swift 5 programming, such as from the LearnQuest course Introduction to Programming in Swift 5


  • Building Your First App
    • Introduction
    • Differences in Xcode versions
    • Building your first iOS app
    • Xcode features
  • Swoosh App: Introduction to Interface Builder
    • Creating the Welcome screen
    • Working with iOS frames
    • iOS auto layout basics
    • Working with UIStackViews
    • Introduction to Segues on iOS
    • Renaming view controllers
    • Debugging crashes on iOS
    • Programmatic Segues on iOS
    • IBActions on iOS
    • Passing data between controllers
  • Supporting iPhones and iPads
    • iOS size classes
    • Supporting iPhone and iPad
    • Shape maker project
  • Window Shopper ' Your First Fully Functional App
    • Custom TextFields
    • iOS Input Accessory and IBDesignable
    • Writing unit tests for
    • Creating calculations
    • Custom drawing
    • Unit converter app
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