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iOS Security and Privacy Workshop – apl-ios201-012-pl

Course #: APL-iOS201-012-PL

Price: 490 EUR

Duration: 4 Hours

Security and privacy are part of every iOS deployment conversation, whether your company is just beginning the process or well on the way. In this 4-hour workshop, students will learn about security and privacy technologies that are built into iOS.


What you'll learn:
  • Identify the security and privacy posture for a device after Setup Assistant is complete.
  • Explain the importance of a device passcode in protecting user and company data.
  • Describe the built-in iOS features that help keep user and company data separate.
  • Identify strategies to ensure that data is encrypted when it's sent over networks to trusted hosts.
  • Respond to misconceptions about iOS security and privacy.
  • Help plan the security and privacy strategy for a successful iOS deployment.


  • IT professionals who deploy and manage iOS devices
  • Technical sales professionals who help customers choose iOS devices


Recommended knowledge:
  • iOS familiarity
  • Basic iOS device navigation skills
  • Familiarity with Apple device deployment and management


Setup Assistant
Review how the configuration choices made using Setup Assistant affect the security and privacy posture on user-owned and company-owned devices.

Protecting data
Learn how the device passcode protects data at rest on iOS. Investigate how Touch ID improves security while it creates a great user experience.

Accessing app data
Discover how native technologies and features work together to ensure that apps follow strict rules about access to personal and company data.

Transmitting data
Learn about network security on iOS and review strategies to ensure that an iOS device connects only to trusted hosts.

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