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Lab: Liberty Migration Toolkit – mc09003gspl

Course #: MC09003GSPL

Duration: 0.8 Hours

In this lab, learn to use two different migration tools. The Liberty Migration Toolkit determines the suitability of migrating your applications from WebSphere Application Server and other third party Java EE servers on the Liberty. To analyze an application for migration suitability, the application must be imported into your Eclipse-based IDE. The Migration Toolkit packaged as an Eclipse plug-in, includes a number of rule sets to scan Java EE applications for the use of vendor specific deployment descriptors, JSP files with proprietary APIs, and Java code with proprietary APIs. The rules scan applications for the use of Java technologies and APIs that are not supported in the Liberty.

The Migration Toolkit for Application Binaries is a stand-alone tool that is capable of scanning your application binaries, without source code, to give you a report of the programming models used by your application and where they will run. It also offers an option to generate a detailed report about which line of your application may need to be changed.


Refer to the overview for the description of this lab


Anyone who needs practice working with WebSphere Liberty




Refer to the overview for the description of this lab

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