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Linux System Administration I – Implementation – lx032-lpl

Course #: lx032-lpl

Duration: 5 Days

The purpose of this course is to teach experienced Linux users the techniques, methods, and policies used in Linux system administration.


  • Install Linux from a network install server, setup network install servers and perform automated installs
  • Manage system and services startup and shutdown
  • Select and use system administration tools when appropriate
  • Configure and manage printers
  • Use packaging tools to create, install, and de-install packages
  • Configure and manage the X Window System and VNC
  • Manage logging
  • Manage kernel services and configure the kernel
  • Manage devices
  • Manage hard disks, partitions, Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID), and Logical Volume Management (LVM)
  • Create and manage file systems and file system quota
  • Perform memory management
  • Use scheduling tools
  • Create and restore backups
  • Perform user administration
  • Apply user-level security
  • Troubleshoot Linux problems


This intermediate course is for experienced Linux users who want to become administrators of one or more Linux servers.


You should:

  • Attend IBM Linux course Linux Basics and Installation (LX021) or have equivalent experience
  • Have practical experience in running Linux as a user


  • Advanced Linux installation
  • Startup and shutdown
  • System administration tools
  • Packaging management
  • X Window System and VNC
  • Logging
  • Kernel Services and Kernel Configuration
  • Device management
  • Disk management, RAID and LVM
  • File systems and File System Quota
  • Memory management
  • Scheduling
  • Backup and restore
  • User administration
  • User-level security
  • Troubleshooting
  • Optional material
  • Physical system management and planning
  • Policies and procedures
  • Kernel compilation

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