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Manage trade-off between Change, Velocity, and Reliability – c110059gspl

Course #: c110059g spl

Duration: 0.8 Hours

In this course, you will review how change, velocity, and reliability relate to SRE and how the SREs have to manage velocity with system reliability.


Manage the trade-off between change, velocity, and reliability of services Implement mitigation techniques to minimize risk of incompatibility


This course is intended for learners who are pursuing professional-level site reliability engineer certification on IBM Cloud.


course Introduction Topic 1: How to Identify the Contributing Factors of a Problem Resulting from Cloud Adoption Topic 2: Identify the Components for a Balanced Action Plan Topic 3: Describe the Prioritization of Actions Towards the Reduction of Technical Debt Topic 4: Enumerate the Strategies to Improve Reliability Across the Entire SDLC course Summary ;

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