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Process Modeling and Configuration Basics in IBM Sterling Order Management – 6f124gspl

Course #: 6f124gspl

Duration: 4.8 Hours

Overview of Process Modeling in IBM Sterling Order Management and how to set up a business process workflow for an organization. Further, it introduces statuses, conditions, transactions, and other components of a process-type pipeline. Finally, the course describes how to create a process-type pipeline.


After completing this course, you should be able to:

1) Describe Process Modeling, and create components such as:

  • Statuses, Conditions, and Services
  • Events and Event Handlers
  • Actions and Transactions

2) Create Pipeline and Pipeline determination rules


Developer, Implementer, Consultant, Architect


  • Overview of Process Modelling
  • Configuration Basics - Statuses and Conditions
  • Configuration Basics - Services, Events, Actions, and Transactions
  • Configuration Basics - Pipeline Creation and Determination

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