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Sterling B2B Integrator Data Mapping and EDI Processing (X12) – 6f150gspl

Course #: 6f150gspl

Duration: 2.4 Hours

This self-paced course with lab introduces students to the Sterling B2B Integrator Map Editor, mapping, and the Graphical Process Modeler. During the hands-on exercises, the students create maps and business processes and process data to trade with the trading partners.

The course includes information on the Sterling B2B Map Editor that is used to map the inbound and outbound business processes and create and execute the business processes. The course also deals with the creation of envelopes and the adapters required for the process.


After completing this course, students should be able to:

  • Describe the Sterling B2B Integrator and Map Editor
  • Navigate the Map Editor
  • Create an Inbound 850, an Outbound 810, a system header, and an 856 Map
  • Administer maps in Sterling B2B Integrator
  • Create inbound and outbound business processes
  • List various methods to view the business process results
  • Create and analyze the acknowledgment maps
  • Search for EDI documents and correlations


Sterling B2B Integrator map developers, support, services, testers, and EDI end users


Students should have a fundamental knowledge of Sterling B2B Integrator and Electronic Data Exchange (EDI) documents.


  • Introduction
  • Inbound 850 Map
  • Administering Maps
  • Inbound Business Processes
  • Outbound Maps
  • Document Extraction Map
  • Outbound Business Processes
  • Advance Shipment Notice
  • Case Study

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