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GSM/GPRS Services

Wprowadzenie do usług sieciowych GSM i GPRS

Participants attending this course will be given an introduction to services offered in GSM and GPRS networks. The course helps to understand their classification and implementation models. It describes technologies involved in services transmissions. During this course, examples of such services will be explained.

Target Audience

The course is addressed to a technical staff as well as to programmers and those requiring an appreciation of the principles of designing and implement of services in GSM/GPRS networks.


An understanding of the principles of GSM and GPRS system and a basic knowledge on architecture of cellular networks prior to the course would be very advantageous.

Course content

1. Introduction to GSM/GPRS
• Architecture
• Nodes and Interfaces
2. GSM/GPRS User
• SIM Card
• IMSI, MSISDN & IMEI numbers
• HLR and EIR role
3. Basic Services
• Cicuit and Packet Switching
• Voice and Fax Connections
• Data Connections in GSM and GPRS
4. Extended Services
• SMS Implementation (including CBCH)
• SMS and EMS – charging
• WAP Architecture in GSM and GPRS
• WAP – WML and Internet
• MMS – Capabilities, Architecture and Interconnect Billing
5. Advanced Services
• Intelligent Networks and CAMEL Development
• Positioning
• Java – J2ME and Bussiness Model
• i-mode – Capabilities and Architecture
6. Service Quality
• Delay in GSM and GPRS
• Throughput in GSM and GPRS
• Terminal capabilities: transmission GSM/GPRS/EDGE
• Terminal capabilities: services MMS, WAP, Java, i-mode
• PDA and handhelds
• Billing and charging – CDR, TAP, interconnection
• Security features in GSM/GPRS
7. Future Services – 3G