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IP over ATM

Różnice pomiędzy IP a ATM – wprowadzenie

This course is intended to offer an overview of different standards for ATM and IP integration. It discusses both simple and popular solutions such as Classical IP over ATM and more complex concepts such as MultiProtocol Over ATM. The major objective of the course is not only to let participants understand technological issues but also to underline advantages and difficulties related to the deployment of particular solutions.

Target Audience

Those requiring a knowledge of specific aspects of ATM and IP integration. Specifically, Network and System Administrators, System Engineers, Software Designers, Software Engineers, Consultants and anyone interested in IP over ATM.


Participants are expected to have general understanding of both IP and ATM protocols. Specifically, this includes addressing, address resolution, signalling in ATM. It would be also beneficial for participants to be familiar with routing and internetworking principles in WAN and LAN environment.

Course content

1. Introduction
• ATM and IP – Review
• Integration Scenarios
• Standardisation Bodies
2. Multiprotocol Encapsulation Over AAL 5
• AAL 5 Review
• VC-based Multiplexing
• LLC Encapsulation
3. Classical IP Over ATM
• Classical Model – Review
• Definitions – LIS, ATM ARP, CLIP
• CLIP in SVC Environment
• CLIP in PVC Environment
4. Multicasting in IP Over ATM
• Multicasting In IP – Review
• Multicast Address Resolution Server
• MARS Architecture
5. LAN Emulation
• LANE Concept
• LANE Components and Architecture
• LANE Operations
6. MultiProtocol Over ATM (MPOA)
• Next Hop Resolution Protocol (NHRP)
• Virtual Router Concept
• MPOA Architecture
7. Other Integration Methods
• Proprietary Solutions