LTE/SAE Overview

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Wprowadzenie do LTE

Participants attending this course will be given a basic introduction to the LTE (Long Term Evolution) system. The course begins with the general structure of the system introducing the access and the core network architecture. Next the course investigates more specific and technical aspects of the LTE system such as interfaces, OFDMA/SC-OFDM technics, MIMO and principle of the Self-Optimizing and Self-Organizing Network (SON).

Target Audience

Those requiring an appreciation of the LTE system, its principles and applications. The course is addressed to a technical staff as well as to Customer Support Representatives, Sales Engineers and Consultants.


Ability to understand technical subjects. Technical background in telecommunication and basic understanding of mobile telephony principles would be an advantage.

Course content

1. EPS – Evolved Packet System
2. E-UTRAN Architecture
3. Functions of E-UTRAN and EPC Nodes
4. Radio Protocols Architecture
• S1 Protocols Architecture
• X2 Protocols Architecture
5. LTE Air Interface
• LTE Frequency Bands
• OFDMA Transmitter and receiver
• Cyclic Prefix
• Downlink Resource Grid
• SC-FDMA Uplink Transmitter and Receiver
• Reference signals
6. Multiple Antenna Systems
• MIMO Spatial Multiplexing
• MIMO Reference Signals
7. Radio frame Structure
8. Inter-Cell Frequency Coordination
9. SON