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RCS Technology

Technologia GSMA Rich Communication Suite

For a long time, IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) was nothing more than just a revolutionary idea to move all teleservices totally based on end -to-end IP connectivity. Today, thanks to GSMA Rich Communication Suite (RCS) initiative, there is a clear path and agreement on how to turn IMS into practice. RCS ensures that th e same initial subset of IMS services will be introduced by all operators, infrastructure and terminal vendors and will work smoothly a lso in inter-operator scenarios. The course explains services selected by GSMA RCS Releases 1 to 5 together with their technical realizations.

Target Audience

The course is intended for technical mobile network staff and their manageme nt who plan to or already work on in troducing IMS/RCS/RCSe services.


Prior to attending this event, the participants should already have an understanding of the IMS principles and a basic knowledge on architecture of telecommunication network concepts.

Course content

1. Introduction
• What this is all about?
2. IP-Multimedia Subsystem (IMS)
3. IMS Services
4. Rich Communications Suite (RCS)
• Release 1
– Enhanced Address Book (EAB)
– Enriched Call
– Enhanced Messaging
– File Transfer
• Release 2
– Broadband Access To RCS Services
– Multiple Device Environment
– Network Address Book (NAB)
• Release 3
– Release 3’s Enhancements
• Release 4
• Release 4’s Enhancements
– Voice over LTE (VoLTE)
– RCS-e (Enhanced)
• Release 5
– IP Voice and Video Call
– Geolocation
5. RCS Network Architecture
• RCS Device Mode and Clients Types
• Capability Discovery
• Multi Device Support
• XDM Handling
6. RCS Services
• Messaging Service
• Interworking with Legacy Messaging
• File Transfer Service
• Content Sharing Services
• Social Presence Service
– My Presence
– My Presence Watchers
– Presence Architecture
– Presence Network Architecture
– Presence Message Flow
– Presence Message
• IP Based Voice and Video Services
• Geolocation Service
7. RCS Market