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UMTS Radio Access Network (UTRAN)

Wprowadzenie do UTRAN – komunikacja w UMTS Radio Access Network

This course enlarges basic knowledge related to UMTS (e.g. gained during UMTS Introduction course). It introduces a detail description of the UMTS Radio Access Network (UTRAN), describing interfaces, interface protocol structure, signalling and management of this part of the UMTS network. The course then explains examples of UMTS traffic, focusing on communication in UMTS Radio Access Network.

Target Audience

The course is addressed to a technical staff as well as to those requiring an appreciation of the UMTS Radio Access Network.


Prior to attending this event, the participants should already have an understanding of the principles of UMTS system, a basic knowledge on WCDMA technology and communications in telecommunication networks.

Course content

1. Introduction to UMTS Radio Access Network
• UMTS Architecture
• UTRAN Architecture
• UTRAN Functionality
2. UMTS Radio Interface – Uu
• WCDMA Principles
• Radio Interface Channels
• Handover and SRNS Relocation
3. UTRAN Interface Protocol Structure
• Interface Protocol Layers
• Radio Network Signalling
• Radio Network Signalling Transport
• User Data and User Data Transport
• Transport Network Signalling: ALCAP
4. Iu Interface to the Core Network
5. Binding ID
6. UTRAN Management
7. UTRAN Traffic Cases
• Soft Handover
• Bearer Set-up