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Apple Deployment Workshop – apl-ios110-012-pl

Course #: APL-iOS110-012-PL

Price: 490 EUR

Duration: 4 Hours

In this 4-hour workshop, students will learn about the skills, tools, and knowledge they need to deploy iOS devices and Mac computers. Discussions and hands-on activities guide students through the decisions they must make when they deploy personally owned and organization-owned Apple devices.


What you'll learn:
  • Define the role of mobile device management (MDM) and Apple Business Manager in successfully deploying Apple devices.
  • Identify and respond to challenges that arise when deploying and managing devices without MDM.
  • Discuss the iOS features that seamlessly separate work and personal data.
  • Describe the benefits of device supervision for organization-owned devices.


  • IT professionals who deploy and manage Apple devices
  • Technical sales professionals who help customers choose Apple devices


Recommended knowledge:
  • iOS and macOS familiarity
  • Basic iOS device and Mac computer navigation skills


Introductions and course overview
Discover the common themes to be covered and get an explanation of the classroom setup for workshop activities.

Personally owned and managed
Explore the difficulties you could encounter when you manually configure devices. Learn how to use an MDM solution to improve the deployment experience for users and for IT, how to turn on app distribution, and how to protect organization data.

Organization owned and supervised
Discover how to use Apple Business Manager to streamline deploying organization-owned devices. Learn about what an organization needs to decide to allow personalization of organization-owned devices or to restrict functions based on user roles.

Wrap up and considerations
Review what you learned and determine your next steps in planning for a successful deployment of Apple devices.

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