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Associate Administrator of IBM Cloud Pak for Data: Learning Path Overview – 6xb100gwpl

Course #: 6xb100gwpl

Duration: 0.8 Hours

The role of administrator is critical to keep the Cloud Pak for Data environment running. This is the one who installs the application, configures it, loads data into it, tunes it, upgrades it, and in case of errors, investigates, and troubleshoots them. This course is an introduction into the beginner-level path which is one of three learning paths designed for administrators of Cloud Pak for Data. In this part, you will find information about courses that are gathered under this learning path, and you will get familiar with the business scenarios that will be discussed in detail throughout the whole learning path.


• Introduce to the learning path for associate administrator of Cloud Pak for Data.
• Provide an overview of all the courses that are gathered under this path, their goals, and learning objectives.

Introduction to the Amsel Corporation business scenario
• Familiarize with the Amsel Corporation, a fictitious company that decides to introduce IBM software as a new AI technology solution.
• Familiarize with the Amsel Real Estate Corp that implements Cloud Pak for Data.
• Introduce the role of Cloud Pak for Data administrator and solution architect and the Red Hat OpenShift administrator.

What is an Administrator of Cloud Pak for Data?
• Define the role of Cloud Pak for Data Administrator.


Administrators of IBM Cloud Pak for Data




  • Introduction to the Learning Path
  • Introduction to the Amsel Coporation business scenario
  • Understanding the IBM Cloud Pak for Data Administrator role

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