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Final Cut Pro X 10.4 Professional (e-Learning) – apl-fcpx-101-031-pl

Course #: APL-FCPX-101-031-PL

Price: 130 EUR

Duration: 1

This Getting Started with Final Cut Pro X course is designed to provide students with the basics of working with Final Cut Pro. It includes a robust set of color correction tools, 360 video capabilities, and solid media management. We’ll cover import and export, and explore some of the key features of the software. This is not a replacement for the Apple certified curriculum, but a self-paced companion course. This course contains interactive lessons that focus on skill growth. The course also contains exercises mirroring the instructor-led version and are performed in a simulated environment that does not require connection or access to a live system which provides extreme flexibility in taking the course. Once you receive your login credentials, you have 12 months to complete the course. Within these 12 months, the self-paced format gives you the opportunity to complete the course at your convenience, at any location, and at your own pace. The course is available 24 hours a day. WEB BASED TRAINING (WBT) IS SELF-DIRECTED AND SELF-PACED. AFTER YOU ARE ENROLLED IN THIS COURSE, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO CANCEL YOUR ENROLLMENT AND THE 12 MONTH ACCESS BEGINS ONCE YOU RECEIVE YOUR EMAIL CONFIRMATION WITH LOGIN CREDENTIALS. You are billed for the course when you submit the enrollment form. Web Based Training courses are non-refundable. Once you purchase a Web Based Training course, you will be charged the full price.


This Final Cut Pro X 10.4 Professional course teaches participants the following skills:
  • Understanding the basics of working with Final Cut Pro
  • Importing and exporting project files for collaboration and archive
  • Audio design with Roles
  • Fine-tuning clips in the timeline
  • Comparing alternate shots from a collection of clips
  • Applying effects, transitions and re-timing clips
  • Getting comfortable with key features of the software
  • Using real-world editing scenarios to create a project


This Final Cut Pro X 10.4 Professional course is intended for:
  • Filmmakers, Videographers, Technical Directors, Graphic Designers
  • Anyone who wants to edit professional-quality video with Final Cut Pro X and prefers hands-on and interactive instruction
  • Editors with some experience in video production and workflow


  • Knowledge of OS X and basic computer navigation
  • Basic knowledge of video editing terminology is highly recommended


Import and Organize
  • How does Final Cut work?
  • A quick tour of the interface
  • Setting up a Library and Event
  • Importing footage graphics and audio
  • Creating Optimized and Proxy Media
  • Changing Clip appearance and ordering
  • Understanding Library Smart Collections and Keywords
  • Creating Keyword Collections
  • Searching for Clips and creating additional Smart Collections
  • Rating Clips
Video Editing
  • Creating a Project
  • Adding Clips to the Timeline
  • Navigating the Timeline
  • Basic Editing Tools to Polish Your Edit
  • Adding Connected Clips
  • The Importance of Gap Clips
  • Adding Music
  • Using the Trim Tool
  • Replacing Clips
  • Test Out Clips with Audition
Audio Editing
  • Working with Channel Configuration
  • Balancing Primary Audio
  • Mixing in Additional Audio
  • Performing J and L Cuts
  • Changing Volume Over Time with Keyframes
  • Tagging Clips with Roles
  • Displaying Audio Lanes
  • Fixing Common Audio Problems
  • Syncing Separate Video and Audio
Transitions, Effects, and Transforming
  • Adding Basic Cross Dissolves
  • Adding and Modifying Additional Transitions
  • Adding Effects to Clips
  • Saving Effect Presets to Save Time
  • Understanding Rendering
  • Basic Speed Changes
  • Stabilizing Footage
  • Manipulating Transform Properties
  • Basic Keyframing
  • Creating Compound Clips
Titles and Motion Graphics
  • Working with Custom Text
  • Building a Lower Third
  • Designing a 3D Text Intro
  • The Motion Connection
  • Creating an Animated Title in Motion
  • Create a Logo animation in Motion part 1
  • Create a Logo Animation Part 2
Color Correction
  • Fixing white Balance with automatic tools
  • Accessing Your Video Scopes
  • Using the Waveform Monitor
  • Using the RGB Parade
  • Using the Vectorscope
  • Fixing Exposure and Color with Color Wheels
  • Adjusting Shots with Color Curves
  • Isolating color with Hue/Saturation Curves
  • Working with color masks and shapes
  • Helpful shortcut keys for color correction
  • Working in HDR
Media Management, Exporting, Interoperability
  • Duplicating Projects
  • Exporting a Master File
  • Exporting an H.264 File for Distribution
  • Uploading to Social Media
  • Creating Export Bundles
  • Sending Your Project to Compressor
  • Archiving Your Library
  • Sharing Libraries with Other Users
  • XML and Sharing Projects with Other Users
  • Exporting Captions and Roles
360 Video
  • Understanding 360 Formats
  • Creating a 360 Project
  • Setting Up an HMD (Head mounted Display)
  • Working with the 360 Viewer
  • Understanding the Reorient Tool
  • Working with 360 Blurs and Glows
  • Working with the Patch Effect
  • Working with 360 Titles and Generators

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