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Getting Started with SOA – ws007pl

Course #:

Duration: 2 Days

This course offers an introduction to service-oriented architecture (SOA), and describes the essential concepts of SOA that affect a broad technical audience.

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After completing this course, students should be able to:

  • Explain the business and technical value of adopting SOA
  • Describe SOA and explain how it relates to contemporary software architectural styles
  • Explain the principles and characteristics of services within SOA, and identify various service types
  • Explain Information Services, and how and when to apply it
  • Describe service-oriented integration (SOI) and explain how it differs from contemporary integration approaches
  • Identify methodologies for service-oriented analysis and design
  • Describe programming models and standards that support the realization of SOA and SOI
  • Describe Web services, and explain how they support the realization of SOA solutions
  • Describe IBM’s SOA Foundation, and identify IBM offerings that support IBM’s SOA life cycle
  • Define SOA governance
  • Explain the need for SOA governance
  • Explain IBM’s SOA governance offerings for establishing SOA governance within an organization
  • Explain IBM’s SOA scenarios and describe how these support adoption of SOA within an organization


This course is designed for technical managers, application developers, system administrators, and architects. It is also beneficial for business analysts and business managers.


You should have one or more of these skills:

  • Gathering and analyzing business requirements
  • Managing software development projects
  • Designing and developing software solutions
  • Applying software development methodologies to the design of software solutions
  • Administering software solutions
  • Designing and developing systems integration solutions


  • SOA overview
  • SOA design principles
  • Exercise: Case study overview
  • SOA use of standards
  • Exercise: Demonstration of Web services
  • IBM SOA Foundation product overview
  • SOA governance
  • Exercise: Demonstration of governance with WebSphere Registry and Repository
  • Exercise: Governance with Rational Method Composer
  • SOA Foundation – modeling
  • Exercise: Demonstration of service identification and specification
  • SOA scenarios
  • Exercise: Identifying and applying SOA scenarios to the case study
  • SOA Foundation – assemble and deploy
  • Exercise: Demonstration of service deployment and assembly using SCA
  • Service management and security
  • Exercise: Demonstration of IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager (ITCAM)

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