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IBM Cognos Analytics: Dashboard Essentials (V11.1.x) – b6289gpl

Course #: b6289gpl

Duration: 4 Hours

This Web-Based Training course teaches authors how to create dashboards in IBM Cognos Analytics so users can explore and interact with their data and gain insight into their business. You will learn how to add data sources, create and interact with dashboards, and customize content for presentation. You will also learn how to create effective narratives by using stories, and how to use explorations to perform a deeper analysis on your data.


  • Introduction to dashboarding in IBM Cognos Analytics
  • Create basic dashboards
  • Advanced dashboarding
  • Create a story
  • Create an exploration






Introduction to dashboarding in IBM Cognos Analytics

• Navigate Cognos Analytics dashboarding

• Edit mode versus View mode

• Work with an existing dashboard

• Edit a dashboard

Create basic dashboards

• Create a new dashboard

• Select a Dashboard Type and Layout

• Add Data Sources and Visualizations

• Save and view a dashboard

Create a story

• Identify a story

• Assemble a story

• Change the timeline of a scene

• Add animation

• Highlight data

• Looping your story

Create an exploration

• Identify an exploration

• Start exploring from a dashboard or a story

• Start exploring from the New menu

• Explore from a data asset (on Welcome Page)

• Explore relationships in your data

• Suggested starting points

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