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IBM Cúram Intelligent Evidence Gathering for Developers 6.x – 9d55gspl

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Duration: 3 Days

This self-paced course provides students with a technical understanding of IBM Cúram Intelligent Evidence Gathering (IEG) script development.

This course describes how to develop IEG scripts and integrate these scripts into IBM Cúram SPM applications. The course covers the following topics: the IEG and Datastore schema editors; IEG elements; configuring the look and feel of your scripts; integrating IEG into IBM Cúram Applications; customizing script artifacts, and development tips for creating scripts.

During the course, students will design and implement a simple script that uses key IEG features.

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Please refer to topics section for description information.


This intermediate-level course is aimed at developers and technical architects


You must have a working knowledge of object-oriented concepts, Java, XML, SQL, and n-tierenterprise applications.


  • The functions and features of IBM Cúram Intelligent Evidence Gathering (IEG)
  • How to use IEG elements to implement scripts
  • How to execute IEG scripts from IBM Cúram applications
  • How to customize application (out-of-the-box) script artifacts.

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