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IBM FlashSystem V9000 Storage Implementation – ssfs3wgwpl

Course #:

Duration: 3 Days

This course starts with an overview of the IBM FlashSystem V9000 and IBM FlashSystem 900 all-flash storage solutions. We will review the history of IBM flash storage and describes the key elements of the IBM FlashCore Technology. You will review Hardware Accelerated I/O, IBM MicroLatency Module, and Advanced Flash Management and how each element is employed in IBM FlashSystem 900 and IBM FlashSystem V9000 storage solution. We will then discuss the advantage of the IBM FlashCore Technology and it usage.

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After completing this course, you should be able to:

• Recall the history and fundamentals of the IBM Flash System storage
• Summarize the infrastructure of the IBM Flash Core Technology
• Categorize the positioning of the IBM Flash System product family
• Classify the characteristics of the IBM Flash System 900 and IBM Flash System V9000 systems
• Identify the connectivity, zoning, cabling requirements to implement a Flash System clustered system
• Identify the various methods to implement a Flash System solution
• List the advanced software features designed to simplify data management, improve data security, and preserve storage investments
• Identify the various options to centralize the management of storage resource and to service an IBM Flash System environment


This intermediate course is for personnel who are assessing and planning to deploy IBM Flash storage and solutions.


It is recommended you attend the following classes prior to taking this course.

• Introduction to Storage (SS01G)

• IBM Flash Storage Fundamentals (SSFS1G) or

• Flash Storage Fundamentals (SSFW1G)

For more information about these courses visit our web site at www.ibm.com/training


This course contains the following Units:

Unit 1 - IBM FlashSystem V9000 Introduction
Unit 2 - IBM FlashCore Technology
Unit 3 - IBM FlashSystem V9000 hardware architecture
Unit 4 - IBM FlashSystem V9000 implementation, zoning, and management interfaces
Unit 5 - IBM FlashSystem V9000 storage provisioning and host integration
Unit 6 - IBM FlashSystem V9000 advanced features
Unit 7 - IBM FlashSystem V9000 data migration
Unit 8 - IBM FlashSystem administrative management

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