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IBM MQ Appliance Overview for IBM MQ Administrators – zm051gspl

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Duration: 1 Days

This course is designed to provide technical professionals with the skills they need to set up and administer the IBM MQ Appliance.

The IBM MQ Appliance provides a simplified messaging solution by combining many of the benefits of IBM MQ with the benefits of a physical appliance. In this course, you learn how to do basic setup, high availability setup, and configuration and management of the IBM MQ Appliance.

In the hands-on lab exercises, you practice the skills and concepts that are presented in the course. You explore the IBM MQ Appliance capabilities, its use cases, and the unique aspects of working with IBM MQ in hardware form.

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  • Describe the IBM MQ Appliance and its features
  • State the benefits and capabilities of the IBM MQ Appliance
  • Explain the use cases for the appliance
  • Identify the unique aspects of using the IBM MQ Appliance as opposed to IBM MQ software
  • Perform the following administrator functions on the IBM MQ Appliance:
    • Basic setup
    • Configuration and management
    • High availability setup
    • Security setup
    • Migrating queue managers
    • Maintaining firmware


This course is designed for IBM MQ systems administrators and other IT professionals such as system architects, system designers, and managers who intend to implement an IBM MQ Appliance solution for enterprise messaging and data movement.


  • A working knowledge of IBM MQ V8 system administration
  • A solid understanding of your business needs in regard to messaging and data movement


Course introduction
Introduction to the IBM MQ Appliance
Exercise: Appliance configuration
Key capabilities of the IBM MQ Appliance
Exercise: High availability setup
Exercise: The IBM MQ console web GUI
Exercise: Monitoring and troubleshooting
Exercise: Security setup
IBM MQ Appliance use cases
Exercise: Migrating queue managers to the IBM MQ Appliance
Exercise: Service and maintenance
Course summary

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