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IBM Open Pages: API and REST – 1o208gpl

Course #: 1o208gpl

Duration: 5 Days

*** For inquiries and scheduling for this course,
please contact AI-Learning@ca.ibm.com***

This is an IBM ISDR course.

This training is intended to enable a Java developer to create the basic custom types of extensions for the OpenPages GRC Platform. There are three things that a user can create: the first, called helpers, are custom web pages and forms that can be integrated into the standard OpenPages Web UI. These are programmed in Java and JSP. The second, called triggers are automated tasks that run in the background when “triggered” by defined actions in Open Pages application. These are programmed in standard Java. The third are custom applications external to Open Pages that integrate over the internet using a REST API. These can be programmed in any language, though demo applications are programmed in VBA and Java. This course is primarily for IBM customers and partners and individuals responsible for defining architectures, configuring software, and implementing solutions for the OpenPages GRC Platform software and associated applications.


Please refer to course overview.

*** For inquiries and scheduling for this course,
please contact AI-Learning@ca.ibm.com ***

This is an IBM ISDR course.


IBM OpenPages customer core team members


No IBM OpenPages GRC Platform experience is required.
Experience using basic browser functionality.


  • IBM OpenPages GRC Platform: Use & Administration
  • Introduction to the OpenPages GRC API for Developers
  • Fundamentals of the OpenPages API
  • Additional OpenPages API Services
  • Solution Development - Helpers
  • Solution Development - Triggers

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