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IBM SSFF Overview of Participants and Roles – 6f21gwpl

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Duration: 2.4 Hours

This 2 hours Web Based Training (WBT) course enables business administrative users to gain an understanding of the process to configure and model participants in the IBM Sterling Selling and Fulfillment Foundation Suite.

Overview of Participants and Roles module provides you with an overview of configuring participants in a supply chain network and the roles they can assume in a business. The module discusses how to configure organizations and the key attributes that affect and control the behavior across the application suite.

This module also provides you with the notes, important tips, and checks your understanding exercise that make you effectively learn the concepts of Participants and Roles.

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  • Identify participants in a supply chain network.
  • Describe the configurable organization roles in Application Platform.
  • Map roles to participants.


This intermediate course is designed to provide the Business Administrative Users with an overview of Configuring and Modeling Participants.


There are no pre-requisites for this course.


  • Course Overview
  • Module: Overview of Participants and Roles
  • Defining Participants and Roles in an Organization
  • Organization Roles
  • Map Participants and Roles
  • Case Study
  • Module Review
  • Check Your Understanding
  • Course Wrap Up

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