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Introduction to IBM Operational Decision Manager for Rule Authors – zb036gspl

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Duration: 4 Hours

This course introduces rule authors to IBM Operational Decision Manager through a combination of recorded lectures and a hands-on lab exercise.

The course provides an overview of business rule and decision management concepts before introducing IBM Operational Decision Manager.

You then learn about the rule authoring and management features in the Decision Center Business console, which is the primary Operational Decision Manager tool for rule authors.

In the lab exercise, you use the Business console to view and edit rules, run tests and simulations, and deploy completed rules.

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  • Describe the relationship between business policies and rules
  • Describe a business rule
  • Describe the benefits of using IBM Operational Decision Manager as part of a decision management solution
  • Use the Decision Center Business console to complete rule authoring and management tasks


This course is designed for rule authors and other business users who use Operational Decision Manager.


Experience with business policies and rules


Course introduction
Introducing IBM Operational Decision Manager
Rule authoring and management in Decision Center
Exercise: Introduction to rule authoring and management in Decision Center
Course summary

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