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Introduction to Programming in Swift 5 (e-Learning) – apl-swift-101-pl

Course #: apl-swift-101-pl

Price: 42 EUR

Duration: 3.2 Hours

This Introduction to Programming in Swift 5 course is designed to provide students with the absolute basics of the Swift programming language. Whether you are a brand new programmer or have experience with other programming languages this course is for you. Some of the things you will learn in this course are:

  • An Introduction to Swift 5 programming concepts
  • Installing the necessary tools
  • Working with data such as Integers and Strings
  • Creating reusable code with functions
  • Working with data constructs such as arrays and dictionaries
  • Object-oriented programming
  • Model View Controller


Upon completion of the Introduction to Programming in Swift 5 course, students will be able to:
  • install Xcode and other Swift tools to properly set up your development environment
  • program using Swift including strings, variables, constants and program logic
  • use data constructs and create reusable code segments
  • build common architectures for Swift and iOS development


  • Anyone who wants to learn Swift 5 programming. No prior experience is required.


  • Basic understanding of computers and applications


  • Installation, Setup and Your First Code
    • Downloading and installing Xcode
    • Hello Swift
  • Variables, Strings and Numbers
    • Variables
    • Working with strings
    • Working with numbers
  • Conditional Logic, Arrays and Loops
    • Boolean and conditional logic
    • Constants and logical operators
    • Arrays
    • Loops
  • Dictionaries, Functionals and Optionals
    • Dictionaries
    • Functionals in Swift
    • Optionals
  • Architecture and Object-Oriented Programming
    • Object-oriented programming
    • Inheritance
    • Polymorphism
    • MVC in theory
    • Creating an Xcode project
    • Project groups for MVC
    • Creating a model layer
    • Creating a custom view layer
    • Connecting view to controller
    • Securing model layer
    • MVC challenge
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